Family Immigrant Visas

O’s and P’s Visa for Artists and Entertainers

Employment – Based Immigrant Visas

Investment Immigration Visas (EB5)

Our lawyers handle immigrant and nonimmigrant visa petitions for individuals, entertainers and employers, and support our clients throughout the process.  Mr. James Tam is widely recognized in this area of practice and has received numerous awards and recognition from the American Immigrations Lawyers Association and other well recognized associations in the Commuity.  Over the years, our success has become landmark decisions in H, L and EB5 areas.

Important past cases represented:

Unico American Corp v. Watson, Case No. CV 89-6958

Unical Aviation Inc. v. USINS, 248 F. Supp. 2d 931

“Legal Immigrants Haunted by Old Convictions” – Los Angeles Daily Journal, Dec. 29, 2008